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Why use high security doors?

The answer is very simple, because; The products we design and manufacture are a reliable shield to protect the safety of you, your family and your teammates. Our products can be classified into four main groups according to the size and the type of threat. These classes include Blast Proof Doors for explosive and explosion-proof products, Bullet Resistance Doors for firearm attacks, Fire Door for high temperatures/ fire hazard and Gas and Air tight doors for chemical attacks.

Blast proof doors are generally used in military facilities and are of high demand in public buildings, industrial facilities, embassies and airports. A significant amount of experience and engineering knowledge is required for the manufacture and assembly of blast doors. Because each product is calculated according to the hazard size which the facilities are required and then material choosed and designed and manufactured according to the results. Blast door can be manufactured with fire resistance if required.

Bullet resistance doors are the most important shield against firearms. Hazard size and customer requirements are taken into consideration in the manufacture of doors and armor is made against ammunition that can be used in the attack. Bullet resistance doors can be manufactured in different levels according to EN 1522 and UL 752.

Doruksafe Fire door can be made according to ISO heat curve, IMO heat curve or ASTM heat curve. In our commercial production, EI120 according to EN 1634-1, A60, H60 and H120 according to Imo, 120-180 min according to Nfpa 252 or UL10C are suitable products. Contrary to what is known in the society, in a fire case, human deaths are caused by toxic gases, which are produced more than heat, for this reason, our fire rated doors are manufactured as tight proof against smoke and toxic gases.

In order to maintain human life, it needs fresh air, perhaps the greatest weakness of the human being is this aspect. Toxic gases from wars, terrorism attacks or industrial plant accidents are a threat to human life, and the product we have developed to minimize this risk is Doruksafe Gas and Air tight doors. These products do not release air transfer to maxium 600 Pascal pressure from inside to outside or outside to inside against according to EN 1026 standards. As you can see, our product groups are specialized against different risks and if you wish, you can combine two or more features on a kind of door , because us, we have the knowledge and experience to create a new product, Doruksafe will continue to PROTECT THOSE WHO PROTECT US.

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