Blast Proof Doors ;

Products that can protect an area and structure from explosive power are not new, but have become a familiar requirement for the last 20 years in which we live. The explosion-proof door is resistant to the positive pressure Sgenerated at the time of the explosion and must also exhibit fire resistance.

Blast Proof Doors should be considered as part of a system when considering design, high pressure, high temperature, flood and chemical / biological attacks. There are many factors to consider when calculating the destructive power of an explosion, the amount of the explosive, the duration of pressure exposure and the distance to the source of explosion.




Our doors can be tested according to the following European and US standards.

Subject to blast waves generated using shock tube

Simulation of high explosive detonation

4 classification according to EN 13123 – 1 (ERP1 to ERP4)
5 classification according to EN13123 – 2 (EXR1 to EXR 5)
S (Splinters) or NS ( No Splinters )
1 to 5 Bar classification according to Astm F2247