BlastProof Doors

Blast and Fire resistant doors are provided by Doruksafe technical team according to their risk dimension and by making technical project and calculation.

DORUKSAFE, which has proven itself in every environment in terms of explosion and fire resistant door or metal fire door; After the need is determined correctly, it starts the necessary engineering services and this process continues in coordination with the customer. While designing our products, standards that are valid in the world are kept in the foreground. Our points of referance; calculations and designs are completed by considering Astm F2927 and EN 13123 standards for blast resistance for blast door, UL 10B-10C , IMO and ISO standards for fire rated doors. In this context, we are ready for technical support with our turn-key service concept which you need between 1 BAR – 100 BAR pressure resistant certificate and / or mathematically calculation blast proof doors. Let us not forget that the explosion-proof door industry, all of the feasibility studies and technical calculations that require expertise to be made without error, the result will be revealed with the correct product manufacturing and certification according to the pressure will result. The importance of this process in our country for many years has been ignored by people who have lost their lives because of the wrong products. In parallel with the developments in the recent years, the needs of the facilities, which are now under construction or modernized by the institutions, have started to be corrected by the experts.