Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet Resistant Doors are divided into classes according to the expected risk dimension. We make this classification according to FB1 – FB7 of the  EN 1522 norms. And according to level 1 – level 10 of the UL 752  norms. And according to level 1 – level 4 of the NIJ norms. The most preferred group of products  when looking at the variety of weapons and ammunition used in the types of assault in recent years according to EN (European Norm) 1522 to FB6 , UL752 (Underwrites Laborateries) according to Level 8 (7.62x51mm / M-80,308 WinchesterFMJ, 5.56x45mm, M-16/193 ammunition)  , NIJ (National Institute of Justice) according to Level 3 and/or according to EN 1522 to FB7, acoording to NIJ to Level4  and acoording to UL 752 to Level 9-10 (CAL.30AP / M2,7.62x51mm AP ammunition).
One of the most important reasons for these groups, especially FB6, NIJ Level 3 and Level 8, is that the ammunition type used in this group is the weapon ammunition used for terrorism and it is easy to reach these products. Bullet resistant doors can be manufactured diffirent dimensions, for example, single wing, double wings or sliding. Bulletproof door cost or bullet resistant doors price according to features may vary. You can contact us about bullet proof door cost.

The Doruksafe technical team and its products are ready to serve you, your family, your friends and your employees with all the technical know-how and equipment needed to shield you from the  expected and / or unexpected attacks.