What are Anti-Terrorism Gates?, One of the each methods  of terrorism in recent years, which has been very popular in the world, was perhaps planning and doing the attacks of terrorism, which would cause as many lives as possible to blast the bomb that self carried on them. In fact, if a little more backward to the US September 11 terrorism attacks, terrorism and terrorists have been almost peak point and civilian aircraft as a weapon to use as a plan and courage of the human mind will not come to the attack . As a result of the measures and superior efforts, it was thought that the activities of terrorism were interrupted, and a different attack method, terrorist attacks started again and it was enough to give fear to the people living in the big metropolises in the world. What was this new attack? I hear you say, the answer is one and very simple; this was no other than the form of terrorism carried out by motor vehicles, which we all used  in everyday life. Sometimes only vehicles such as cars, buses,van, trucks, etc. are carried out by driving on pedestrians, and sometimes by loading explosive materials into the vehicles involved, and the results are terrible. Like to  Paris, Berlin, Ankara, Istanbul etc. in the last two years.

Gates of Anti-Terrorism; It is the general name of a wide range of products including all types of doors which can stop the planned or unplanned terrorism attacks up to 90% by any motor vehicle. Anti-Terrorism Doors can basically collect under 4 main headings.

The pass barrier and / or regulatory barrier systems in the above groups are manufactured and assembled in accordance with two globally recognized certification systems. These systems are the UK based PAS68 and the United States based K12 test standards. What is PAS 68?,  What is K12?, What does it do? How are tests done? Are there varieties? etc. which is a lot of what is mentioned and caused you to confuse and ask questions. Here you can find answers to all these questions on our website and you can share with us your other questions and comments.