What is Blast Proof Door?

Those doors primary name is Blast proof Door.These doors are personel and these doors use for vehicle/equipment entry and exit controlled door system become in front line of the barriers defense aganist more marjinal terror grups and changing cyclical situations in the World.
Blast Proof door might be separate different groups between each other. For excample, Arsenal Doors, Anti-Terrorism Doors Etc. There are some processes which should be followed and should be done before the production of this type high security door. Namely, first of all, it is determined, direction of the danger and how much it might be and estimated dimension. After, this damage should be calculated according to mathematics rules and correct materials should be chosen. These materials generally are mild steel plate and hard reinforced tube. First of all , we should start to design and then we should pass manufacture phase. After design prosess is finished, we can make Structural Analysis over our Designed Door and if our Blast Proof Door passed with success, now, we can manufacture and we can start to weld all of materials and we controll finished products. Of course, We have to obey to some rules and those rules are according to EN standart and Astm standarts. If there are any problems our Blast Proof Door matematical calculations and Structural Analysis Report or Design then we have to fix and make from the beginig all of process. If there are no problems, we can start to painting. After our Blast Door is painted according to standarts, we can mounte their hardwares. For example locking system, hinges, hdyraulic door closer, magnetic door holder, etc. The hardware have to be in accordance with required standards. After the painting job of the doors, the mounting process of the doors can begin. There are many rules for assembly work and we should review all of these rules before we mount Blast Proof Door. After we finish assembly work according to appropriate rules, We do the last test and review, if there is not any problems then our Blast Proof Door is ready.

I hope you never need these doors.