Bullet proof doors are MDF coated metal frame single leaf doors on which you can apply the desired pattern. Bullet proof door is a door with a complex structure, which has a system of protection against burglary, fire and firearms. They vary in design complexity and price. There are three main reasons for their installation:
• protecting a person from intentional harm from firearms
• storing jewelry, paintings, documents and other valuables, as well as weapons
• ensuring the safety of special rooms protected by people. They can protect not only from a gunshot, but also hacking and fire in apartments, houses, offices, guarded objects with valuables, weapons.
Where to Put a Must?
These doors come in handy wherever you store:
• jewelry
• valuable documents
• museum valuables
• banks, cash desks,
• arms stores
• other valuable items the main buyers of such doors are businessmen, politicians, and owners of large collections. They can also be found in government offices where secrecy or valuables are required.
Feature of Bullet Proof Door
Bullet proof doors; They are used in areas such as police stations, airports, military areas, embassies, justice buildings, ministerial buildings. Bullet proof door systems are produced from more durable products and specially formed raw materials compared to other door systems. The bullet proof door, which can be produced with or without screen printing, thanks to the alloys in it, does not lead to lead after a danger in the environment and helps to protect the places or centers in the best way. Bullet proof doors are generally known to be used in the defense industry. Bulletproof door products, which are used in military superiors, police stations, places of high-level government officials and many other places, can also be produced from polycarbonate and composite. Thanks to the products it contains, these structures do not allow the passage of bullets even in the case of intense weapon attacks and are extremely important in terms of protection from terror and other dangerous events.