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Prefabricated Vaults and Doors
Vault room and door; They are rated Grade 8-11 according to EN 1143-1 standards and provide full protection against theft and looting. Another benefit of these products is that they…
Water and Gas Tight Doors

Waterproof Doors have been specially developed for areas such as subway lines, warehouses, shelters where flood risk is high, such as dams with high water currents.

Bullet Resistant Glass and Frame
Bullet resistant glass and frame is the product group that collects a lot of supply in today's day when security need is maximized. There are a wide range of use…
Anti-Theft Safes

Anti-Theft Safes; Valuable commodities work like a casinos expert on protection. Protect our precious possessions from many things. Throughout history, people have always wanted to preserve their precious possessions. In…

Blast and Fire Resistant Doors

Blastproof doors provide technical consultancy on the most accurate product by technical projecting and calculation by Doruksafe technical…

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