Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass and frame is the product group that collects a lot of supply in today’s day when security need is maximized. There are a wide range of use areas, more common areas of use include formal buildings, military or police stations.  Private or public agency vehicles, banks, schools, etc. In fact, although they seem to be no difference between bullet resistant glasses/frames  or normal products. But them in a little deep analysis of the technical differences in the darkness of the moon shines like.

When looking at the made shape of bullet-proof or ballistic glasses, the principles of laminated glass and production are the same. It consists of multiple glass layers and is usually preferred for hard and very brittle, some soft and very flexible glass types to give both hardness and elasticity to the glass. The thickness of the glass varies according to the protection class and the ones with the highest level of protection and low glass thickness are preferred. Polycarbonate material in the production of ballistic glasses is very often used and is an extremely resistant material that adds added value to the glass. The elements that determine a quality glass; It is equivalent to glass thickness, weight, polycarbonate used and visibility. These Glazed could be made Bullet resistant glass panels or Bullet resistant glass block. Bulletproof glass cost can be different classifications. Doruksafe can be solutions partner for bullet resistant glass suppliers.

Bullet resistant glass and frame is the only product that can connect you to life in those milliseconds, in which, in that short period of time between the death and life, perhaps the attacker looks into your eyes. The fact that this product is the right product is Doruksafe’s indispensable quality approach. Let’s take you, your loved ones and your teammates under the shield protection of Doruksafe before it’s too late.