Blastproof Glass

Blast Resistant Glasses; The need to protect the areas where we live or work is against explosion is not new and will always continue to be better. In the event of an explosion (except the shrapnel parts inside the explosive) nothing can be as dangerous as glass pieces scattered around. Explosion accidents (natural gas, pressurized water, etc.) occurred in city centers or industrial facilities and in the attacks of terrorism, the number of uncontrolled glass fragments caused the most injuries and loss of life.
Doruksafe Blastproof glasses are manufactured in accordance with EN 13541: 2000 (ER1-ER4) and Astm F2247 or Astm F2927 standards. Anti Blast Glass or Blast Proof Glass of Doruksafe can be manufactured different dimensions.
Blast Resistant Glass preferences must be made in of an expert. The shape of the glass and the style of lamination are similar to bulletproof glasses, but the main differences are that the glass sheets in such products are softer and more elastic. The resulting finished product absorbs the initial shock wave from the moment of the explosion and absorbs the force, and it generally cracked and / or breaks, but never distributes the shrapnel.